Why I'm Contesting For Ose Constituency In The Ondo State House of Assembly On the Zenith Labour Party Platform - AYODEJI FADELE #BecauseWeCare

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I'm contesting to represent the good people of Ose Constituency in the Ondo State House of assembly, in the coming 2019 Election and I want to formally inform you that I am contesting to win and bring great growth and development to our community . I am contesting on behalf of the forgotten, under represented and under developed people of Ose Constituency. I am contesting on behalf of the generation that has been relegated to beg while politicians continue to live in Abundance. I am contesting for the woman who does not know how to pay her next rent and the father who can't pay his child's medical bills. I am running for the young Ose graduate who has no job and for Ose that desire prosperity. I CHALLENGE BECAUSE I CARE. 

A new horizon beacons. The Era of tokenist representation is over, our people deserve impact full and inspirational representation, and I am offering myself to provide that, i will restore hope, inspire adolescence empower woman and artisans, create opportunities for hardworking youths.

I seek your support today as your son, brother and friend, because I have complete faith in your capacity to make this ambition a reality. I make no exaggerations nor pretence when I say your support by way of backing, advice and sundry contributions would greatly impact on my campaign positively. It is an act that would be recompensed in full by the satisfaction of the yearnings through people a friendly programmes, qualitative representation and visible democratic dividends. 

I fully intend to take this advantage of this opportunity to once again express my gratitude to you and all that you represent, may God bless you and replenish your strength and wisdom.

I hold you in high esteem as I am looking forward to your support to the success of this divine project 'AYO NI OOO'

Thank you

Support Project AYO NI OO 2019 - 


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