#OsunDecides2018: AD ‘ll restore Awolowo, Bola Ige glorious era in Osun ― Akintola

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AGAINST the build-up to September 22 governorship poll in Osun, the standard bearer of the All for Democracy (AD), Mr Olugbenga Akintola, on Thursday said his government if elected as Governor would restore the glorious era of late sage and former Premier of the Western Region, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and ex-governor of Oyo State, Late Chief Bola Ige, in the State.

He maintained that "our focus will be how to maximise the human and natural resources for Osun State to prosper. We must eliminate the burden of loans that was recklessly taken on our behalf," adding that "we must change the situation that our average monthly revenue is N2 billion, but we spend averagely N6.42 billion per month."
Akintola, who made these disclosures in a speech delivered at a mega rally held in Osogbo contended that "we must give our retirees their pension so that they can enjoy comfort in their old age," pointing out that "we must give our youths the necessary tools to function in the 21st century and in any capacity that Nigeria and the world demand of them."
According to him, "as a reminder, our dear citizens, a river that forgets its source eventually dries up. Our State has been drying up in the last 15 years since AD left government, no wonder there is so much suffering in our State. Every Omoluabi who has memories of the beginning, since Awolowo appreciates that it was better than this."

Akintola continued, "there is Atunse because our situation is man-made and there are man-made solutions. From the tributaries of Osun river let wealth flow across our State. From the valley of Esa-Odo, Osun's wealth will rise up. From Ikirun hills and Ikoyi mountain to Erin Ijesa waterfalls, or from any height, AD is alive to bring prosperity down to Osun State, AD is alive to build on the legacy of Awolowo and Bola Ige."

"AD is alive to ensure a prosperous future for our children. On September 22, look for our star. Let AD star shine on Osun State." he posited, stressing that "our Atunse agenda puts Osunians at the centre of economic development and human capital investment."

Akintola, however, lamented that "I accept the flag of our party at a moment when 4.2 million Osunians are in a battle of day-to-day survival. I accept the flag of our party when the debt of Osun State is more than N200 billion. I accept the flag of our party when our hardworking citizens have been turned to beggars because of 34 months half salary."

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