Voters Seen Scrambling for N,3000 To N5,000 At the Eve of Guber Elections in Ekiti

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Prospective voters for tomorrow's governorship election in Ekiti State are moving into the Government House in their numbers to collect some amount of money ahead of the poll.

Our correspondent, who was at the Government House observed that voters who are not civil servants nor pensioners are giving between N4,000 and N5,000 after being identified with their voters card.

A voter in Ward 11,Ado Local government who spoke with The Politico but pleaded for anonymity confirmed to have received what he called his 'election money'

His words: " As you can see me here,we are called to come with our voters card to collect money in the government house.

"You will show them your voters card and you will be given 4k or 5k , it depends."

Also, it was observed that civil servants and pensioners in the state have started receiving credit alerts through their banks.

A civil servant who spoke said she received the credit alert last night on her mobile phone.

"Yes,I saw the alert last night and even some of my colleagues have called me that they too saw the alert. Very sad that we are yet to receive our salary but government can give money for election."

A pensioner ,who did not want his name mentioned said his wife in the United Kingdom(UK) called her to confirm that he received the credit alert.

His words:" What I think the government did was to get the data of all pensioners in Ekiti and send them money because my wife called me from UK to say that she received credit alert of N7,000.

"This morning,I got my alert too of the election money."

Meanwhile, a Civil Society organization(CSO), Situationroom, has appealed to the

security agencies that would monitor today's election to arrest and prosecute whoever seen buying votes from the electorate.

The body commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the security agencies on the peaceful and orderly manners with which sensitive materials that would be deployed for the conduct of the poll were distributed on Friday.

Situationroom coalition consists of credible CSOs like; Cleen Foundation, Centre for Democracy and Development(CDD), Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Police and Legal Advocacy Centre(PLAC), among others.

Briefing newsmen in Ado Ekiti during its first preliminary on the Ekiti governorship election, the Chairman of the Coalition, Clement Nwankwo, said the menace of monetized politics should be tackled in the country to sanitise the electoral system.

It urged security agencies to shun act of intimidation on the day of election to prevent apathy and that the 30,000 personnel deployed in Ekiti must be evenly spread to ensure safety cross all the towns andnvillages.

"We have made recommendations to the security agencies on how to tackle vote buying . It is a serious electoral offence that must not be allowed in our country.

"So, our security must be up and doing and remain committed to the success of this poll," he advised

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