“Ondo has not felt your impact, focus on governance,” ANRP tells Akeredolu

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Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) Ondo State Chapter has asked Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to focus on his primary duty of governing the state.

In a statement signed by the party's State Publicity Secretary, Henry Olonimoyo, which was sent electronically to SUNSHINE HERALD, he noted that the duty of a governor is to "govern his people and seek their welfare always."

The party's statement, was a reaction to a story published by SUNSHINE HERALD detailing how Akeredolu spent only four days in the state in June, 2018.


"It has come to the notice of the Party that Mr Governor barely spent a week in Ondo state during the month of June. This is evidenced in the obvious absences of Mr Governor at most state functions over the last 1 month.

"ANRP wishes to remind the Governor that governance is a very serious business and demands his undivided attention. It is out of order for Mr Governor to spend a reasonable chunk of his limited 4 year tenure outside the State when there are clearly important problems plaguing Ondo State which he took an oath to solve.

"The general mood of the State is that Mr Governor has been more concerned with matters outside Ondo state and this is not unconnected to the recently held National Congress of his party and the governorship election in Ekiti State none of which have any bearing on the good people of Ondo.

"Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, Ondo State Chapter hopes that with this reminder Ondo State can now have the much needed attention of her Chief Executive Officer. The Party also wants to remind Mr Governor that the State is yet to feel the impact of his government more than 1 year since he took oath of office," the statement read.

Akeredolu is presently in Netherlands on the entourage of President Muhammadu Buhari for his 3-day official visit to the nation.

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