2019:Presidential Aspirant, Ikubese Quits NCP over N7million Levy

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Presidential hopeful in the 2019 general elections, Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese has resigned his membership of the National Conscience Party(NCP).

Announcing this at a press conference in Akure,the Ondo State capital, Ikubese said his decision to quit the part was hinged on plans by the National Chairman of the party, Yunusa Tanko to scheme him out of running for president on the party's platform with a controversial N7.04million levy

His words: "The National Chairman Yunusa Tanko and the National Secretary Ayodele Akele drafted a document directing that any presidential aspirant who is less than 2 years in the party should pay the sum of N7.04 million naira to the party, which is against the age-long tradition laid down by Chief Gani Fawehinmi that party members who seek to run for offices should do so at no cost, as a populist larty, as to encourage the masses to thereby participate actively in politics.

"The argument advanced by the duo is that this money will serve to finance the larty. Conversely, however, Article 9.4.1 of the constitution of the NCP clearly stipulates how the party shall raise funds, i.e membership fees, donations and/or contributions from well-meaning individuals or bodies, proceeds from sale or auction of party materials and publications and income from investments. Nowhere is it stated in the constitution that funds shall be generated by levying aspirants mandatorily!

"This action is in further breach of Article 4.1.3 (c) of the NCP which stipulates that a National Congress must be convened to discuss the affairs of the Party and to take such decisions and/or give general guidelines as may be necessary for the progress and proper working of the Party. A National Congress was not called, as this decision was taken exclusively by the National Chairman and General Secretary.

"The National Chairman, Yunusa Tanko formally declared to run for the office of the President on the 23rd April 2018, without resigning his position as National Chairman. As at today, he doubles as the National Chairman and a presidential adpirant of the NCP to the disadvantage of any other Aspirant in the Party who will be "screened" by a committee that will ultimately report to him.

"He thus upholds the power to approbate and reprobate.

"You cannot be in charge of the Party, control its machineries and resources and also be an Aspirant without fairness, justice and equity being compromised. Tanko erected a barricade, mandating me to pay N7.04million as a Presidential Aspirant, while he is not making any such payment, even though we are running for the same office.

"Since the National Chairman and General Secretary of the party have obviously compromised the integrity for which the party is known, I hereby withdraw my membership of the NCP forthwith, for if I remain in the Party, it is obvious that the duo will use the Party machinery to the advantage of Tanko. And should I defeat him in the primaries, he and his accomplices will most likely work against me in the general elections."

He called on members of the party to rescue the party in the spirt of its founder, late Chief Gani Fawehinmi.

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