Fuel scarcity bites harder in Ondo

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Hope that long queues of vehicles, jericans at filling stations across the country as a result of the scarcity of petrol will soon be a thing of the past has continued to be dashed.

Filling stations have refused to sell the product, and this has further compounded the pains Nigerians are subjected to.

The prive has jumped to N160 and N220 per litre.

In Akure, the Ondo State capital, filling stations that have the product are selling at N220 per litre with very long queues. Across the state, it is a tale of agony, increased transport fares, cost of commodities and services.

The fuel scarcity is also affecting preparations of the populace for Christmas and the New Year festivities. Many who have planned to travel have changed their plans. Those who could afford to part with N220 per litre are however not finding it so easy.

Those who spoke with The Hope on the situation, called on the Federal Government to rise up to the challenge of putting an end to the scarcity.

Mr Femi Adesoye, an Economist in Akure said that the scarcity was caused by economic saboteur. He urged the government to do all it could by bringing them to book. He regretted that the scarcity has caused the worst economic hardship ever on the populace as evident in the high cost of living and suffering.

He said: "The idea that the federal government is not thinking of increasing petrol pump price is not enough, these saboteurs have already increased the pump price and there is nothing anybody could do than to buy it."

Another person who commended on the situation, Mr Sule Idris appealed to the government to force petrol dealers hoarding the product to sell, saying this would bring down the cut throat price they are selling a litre now.

He added that the hiccup in the supply chain should be promptly corporation (NNPC) Maikanti Baru announced that there was sufficient fuel in storage to be sold to the populace.

Meanwhile the Ondo State Government had in the last two weeks embarked various measures to ensure fuel marketer do not play any prank with the consumer in petroleum in the state.

Some of these measures include sealing off of petroleum station found to be hoarding fuel and arrest of four petroleum attendants in Akure and Owo for various offences.

Senior Special Assistant to the Ondo State Governor on Special Duties and Strategies, Dr Doyin Odebowale leading the state task force on petroleum said any marketer found to be hoarding fuel will be dealt with accordingly

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