ANALYSIS: Ondo govt. can rake in N154m monthly from your N100 contribution

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If plans by the Ondo state government to commence collection of voluntary contribution of N100 from residents in the state go through, the state can rake in as much as N154 million from the scheme monthly.

According to reports leading to the November 2016 governorship election in the state, the Independent National Electoral Commission announced it hadreceived N1,543,787 voters card in the state, meaning there were at least N1.5 million people who are 18 years or above in the state.


As observers watch keenly the modalities to be adopted by the state government for the collection of the monthly contribution, it is assumed that if everyone at least 18 years and above can key into the "esusu" vision of the state, N154,378,700 will enter the coffers of the state monthly.

Governor Akeredolu while speaking at the swearing-in of permanent secretaries and members of the Judicial Service Commission had announced plans by the state government to improve the revenue drive of the state through the contributory scheme.

He said, "We are determined to embark on aggressive revenue drive, we are determined to call on all of us as stakeholders to come and partner with the state. We will not impose on you what you cannot bear, we will not impose anything on you.

"We will be calling on you to voluntarily spare us N100 monthly for just 10 months which amounts to N1,000 in a year so that if we get that little drop from all of us, we will have a mighty ocean of money to do many things.

"We are never going to force it, but we are going to urge you, can you spare us from the money you spend to load GSM. I don't need the money, but when we all bring it, we can use it for our collective good.

"You will hear from me very soon on this my appeal. I am appealing to you, I will never impose anything on you, If you don't want to, don't, I will not impose on you.

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