Security workers at FMC Owo protest over 22 months unpaid salary

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Security workers at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Owo, Ondo State yesterday staged a protest at the hospital's main gate, denying workers of the hospital access into and out of the hospital over unpaid 22 months salary.

Speaking with SUNSHINE HERALD, one of the security workers, Adii Emmanuel said the management do not have their love at heart and do not care about them.


"They are just treating us as slaves. They are not even taking any step.

"They promised us that they will pay the money, but they refused to pay. In September (last year), they paid N10,000 (which is half of the month) and till now they are still promising us they will pay the money (salary)."

Despite the fact that these workers protested last year over non-payment of salary, it took the intervention of Olowo of Owo, Oba Folagbade Olagbegi to intervene in the situation before everything returned to ease at the hospital.

In a phone interview with the Chief Security Officer of the Hospital, Mr. Oluwaseyi Wunmi, he confirmed the protest staged by the security workers over non-payment of salary.

"When they protested two months ago, Olowo invited everybody and said by the end of September, half of their entitlement will be paid. After which FMC management held a meeting that they cannot pay half of their entitlement, but half salary of a month," Mr Oluwaseyi said when asked about the result of the last protest.

"At the end of it, a meeting was held with the FMC management which the management of the Hospital claimed by October ending, a full month salary will be paid to them pending the time Federal Government will sort out the remaining 20 months salary as of then.

"At the end of October, the security workers did not receive their salary payment which led to them visiting the FMC management which presented to them excuses of not being able to pay instead of offering them payment of their salary.

"At a time, people got out of patience and went to the palace (Olowo's palace) and a meeting was scheduled again, where the Kabieyeisi (Olowo of Owo) promised that the FMC management has promised to pay them between last week Monday to Friday.

"But very unfortunate, they didn't fulfil the promise and that led to the protest staged today (yesterday)"

And at the conclusion of the meeting held yesterday between the management of the Hospital and the Security workers, the management agreed to pay the workers salary for October and November 2017.

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