Man seeks dissolution of 7 year marriage, calls his wife 'Oloso'

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"My Lord, she is a drunkard and adulterous. I met her without a job and when I knew she has no mother I took her to learn tailoring but all she could do is to pay me back with wickedness.

"She is now an 'Oloso'.

 "She belongs to a group of professional prostitutes. They are the queens of the night who only come out in the dark to display their wares"

A thirty-two-year-old man, Adams Ismaila told an Ikare Akoko Customary Court while giving his defence in a case of marriage dissolution brought against him by his wife.

Ismaila was dragged to court by his wife, Tosin Adams, a twenty-five-year old tailor seeking the dissolution of their seven- year-old marriage on the grounds of frequent fighting and beating, threat to life and no care for her and the children.

Ismaila told the court that it was not true that he didn't take care of her and the children and neither beat or fights her.

According to him, it is the woman that engages in fighting not only with him but also with their neighbours.

He told the court that his wife's habitual fighting has led them to change abode like the ground squirrel as landlords always eject them for the woman's frequent fights.

He told the court that he nearly died when she threw a stick at him and it hit him below the belly resulting in a rupture of appendix which nearly claimed his life.

Ismaila further told the court that despite the reports and the facts that she was seen moving with bad girls and indulging in harlotry, he tried hard to make her see reasons to turn a new leaf just for the love he has for her but she would not.

The defendant in his defence said he even advised her to travel to a distant land to engage in her adulterous life to save their marriage from shame but she would not heed his advice.

He therefore begged the court to accept to her wife's prayer for dissolution but grant him the custody of their two children.

Earlier, Tosin who had sued for the dissolution of her seven-year-old marriage with Ismaila told the court how her husband turned her into a punching bag beating her black and blue at the slightest provocation.

She claimed that there was a day her husband traced her to a church where she had gone with her mother-in-law and was given the beating of her life in the presence of her husband's mother.

She however said that she mistakenly threw a stick that hit the defendant on his stomach and that he later complained and he was admitted in the hospital but was said to be suffering from appendicitis.

She told the court that she had to sell her sewing machine to raise money for the operation to be done on him but he went around telling people it was the stick she threw at him that caused the problem.

The Court which has Mr S.S. Rotimi as President and also, Mr Francis Gbiri after listening to both parties granted the prayer of the plaintiff by dissolving the Union since no dowry was paid by the defendant and for peace to reign.

It however granted the defendant the custody of the children for proper care since the plaintiff has no permanent place of residence and to keep the children from "copying her way of life.

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