Economists Task Youths To Be Job Creators

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A top Economics lecturer at Covenant University, Dr. Stephen Oluwatobi has advised Nigerian youths to be job creators rather than job seekers. 
This is in view of the national bureau of statistics report which reveals that the unemployment rate in Nigeria increased by 14.2 percent in the last quarter of 2016 from 10.4 percent a year earlier.

Dr. Stephen made this known at the 5th Youth Development Conference organized by the Young Breeds Development Initiative [YBDI] at Covenant university Ota over the weekend.

While speaking with pressmen, Dr. Stephen noted that "if you don't have money to start a business but have a specific knowledge, look for other people that need that need that knowledge charge them money to learn , you would make money without spending one naira , just your mouth and your head".

"You have something to start with" he further explained, "I have done a lot of deals that I never started with money, and I have meet a couple of persons who didn't start their businesses with money either".

He further said that youths should not depend on anyone including the government "they is nobody in government that is taken from space, all of them came from the people, the president for instance was among the people, so it begins with the people it's not just about the government, what you need is a window of opportunity to see what you can do, I encourage youths to become entrepreneurs no matter the situation, start something".

The conference organized by the Young Breeds Youth Development Initiative was focused on children and youth development in Africa. 

In an interview session with visionary behind the initiative, Mr. Abraham Owoseni, he mentioned that as young people grow into adulthood they are many things that should go on within the age range so young breeds is like a mediator in that process.

"We are very confident that a new breed of young people are emerging from this conference who are holistically developed, it's not a career conference it's not a spiritual conference it's an holistic one, we are very confident that a whole number or mindset shift have occurred we are very confident that a whole lot of personal decisions have also occurred, we are so confident because a new generation of young people are emerging, " he said.‎

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