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A leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) OYO VANGUARD, Hon. Adelaja Musediq has described latest claims by a former Governor of the state, Chief Rasheed Ladoja, as a repeated and old gimmick of blackmail that is not only silly, but that can neither be sustained nor fitted into commonsense. One of such Chief Ladoja's claims is that he was the target of the attack on the Olubadan palace, where shots were fired by alleged hoodlums during the installation of some Mogajis by Olubadan, Oba Saliu Adetunji.

But, in this recent chat with a group of reporters at the Lekan Salami stadium, during the conferment of the "Most Equitable Governor In The History Of Oyo State" award on Governor Abiola Ajimobi by the Oyo state Muslim Community, Mr Musediq dismissed Ladoja's claim as silly and laughable, especially because it is a well-known gimmick the ex-governor was quite infamous for.

"We know Ladoja, his antics and antecedents too well not to understand what he's trying to achieve with all these lies. This latest one is quite silly an attempt. Why would assailants choose to assassinate you at a busy location like the Palace in Popeyemoja with endless eyewitnesses, in broad daylight at that, and also during an event with enough Police presence, and yet claim these same assailants escaped after an attempt on your life in these conditions? Can you see how silly this sounds?"

Musediq continued, "In fact, it is only a chronically forgetful Oyo state citizen that would not know that this is his usual style of trying to stay in the news for the wrong reasons. His romantic relationship with violence didn't just start today. I am sure this is another staged attempt, using a similar script of violence and brigandage as bait for political mileage and public pity. The whole story doesn't just add up as any sane person would tell, particularly even because the gimmick has been used many times before by the same man.."

"There's no way the history of governance and politics in Oyo state will be written without putting Rasheed Ladoja's name as the captain that oversaw and influenced the highest level of violence our state as seen. A flash of thought about those Ladoja-Adedibu days still gives shame and chills; those were just the political dark days of Oyo state. Mayhem and lust for power practically overtook the practice of governance. We just know him too well".

"Is it the 2002 violence at Agodi Eid ground where followers came to unleashed terror on the Muslim faithful? Or the 2004 violence involving forceful imposition of a new CHAIRMAN of State NURTW? The 2005 imbroglio that saw attacks on late Adedibu or the one on Chief Adeojo? The turbulence that followed Ladoja's 2006 loss of political grip and eventual impeachment? Or is it the 2008 attack on Alhaja Aminat Abiodun? In 2010 another political violence orchestrated by Ladoja's team with a video dubbed "Aroba"? Just too many to count, and how he always plays victim of what he orchestrates.", Musediq surmised.

"But, in as much as we know this man's ways quite well, it is still very unfortunate that for the sake of senseless politicking, an elderstateman like Ladoja would chose to bring back brigandage to Oyo state, a situation no other government including his own, was able stop before this present government stepped in. It is quite very unfortunate."

While giving reference to the efforts of the ruling party and past governments in order to buttress his point, Musediq had this to say. "More unfortunately for Ladoja, it is actually harder to run this similar gimmick of violence against a government that has successfully taken guns off the streets of Ibadan, restoring unprecedented peace in the process. This Ladoja style of blackmail was a very clear hard sell with past governments that weren't even as successful with security like the present government, so, that he's choosing to run with these same lies right now in deference to the government of the day, shows an obvious lack of tact and commonsense.."

"In fact, judging by the many things Ladoja craves to become at the same time right now, one would be forgiven to believe that this septugenarian is just confused. In one breath, he wants to become a governor, in another, he wants to become Olubadan, and then in another quick breath, he wants to become his party's chairman. I mean, with all these, no one would be damned to believe that old age is probably not being kind to Ladoja, because this is a clear case unbefitting desperation wrapped in unmissable confusion", Musediq mused.

In his concluding remarks, the APC OYO VANGUARD leader had some "words of advice" for the septugenerian Ladoja. His words, "l can tell you for a fact that the popular consensus within Ibadan and in Oyo state about this circus of predictable Ladoja comments is that, he should just shut up and stop using our exalted palace and every available opportunity as political pawns to seek relevance. People are tired of hearing Ladoja whine from both sides of his mouth each passing day, especially about lapses that are not there. For example, the people know that this Olubadan review is a well informed, widely consulted, popular, befitting and most importantly, a legal move by the present government, so, they can't really understand why Ladoja keeps whining about it to their ears. He should shut up if he and his spineless disciples can't deem it fit to contribute to the development of the state like an elderstateman should rightly do.", Musediq concluded.

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