Comedy can put Nigeria on world map – SweetSteve stages ‘Lafta unplugged’

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The City of Akure, Ondo State capital, penultimate weekend, witnessed a moment of undiluted fun, merriment and excitement brought about by therib-cracking jokes of the wave-making comedian cum broadcaster, Steven Sotonwa, popularly known as SweetSteve.

The fun-filled event was the fifth edition, otherwise known as the 5th Commandment of his annual comedy show tagged" Lafta Unplugged"

The Comedy Merchant was joined by other prolific Artistes from within and outside the country to make this year's edition of the "festival of laughter", a memorable one with jokes of the moment which got the large audience glued to their chairs and laughing uncontrollably.

In an exclusive interview with The Hope Friday Extravaganza, SweetSteve described comedy as a vital means of reliving stress and the best medicine every human needs.

"Show me a man that has not laughed for a month and I will show you a man who is about to die. It is no doubt, very important to human existence.

"You are not a comedian, until you are able to create joke out of every single thing around you.

"It comes in so many shapes and forms. It could be the type we do here, which is to ensure that we put laughter on people's faces and that is exactly what I have achieved again in this fifth edition of the show.

Comedy as it were, a branch of the Nigerian entertainment industry, is fast becoming lucrative and is almost taking over the entire industry. It is a business that has succeeded in generating so much money into the coffers of some state governments", he said.

IMG_20171011_192330_983.JPGHe noted that Comedy, if properly harnessed and supported by government at all levels and private sectors, would no doubt, put Nigeria in the World map, just the same way music has gone.

"It is one major part of the entertainment industry governments and private sectors need to check, invest in it and turn it into a money spinning venture", he advised.

He however, admonished aspiring youths to discover their talents and develop their platforms.

"Whatever you do and people laugh, check it, and if your passion is putting smiles on faces, check it as well. Harness that potential and always find yourself in the midst of right-thinking people who can give your career a boost" he stressed.

Speaking at the event, Secretary to Ondo State Government (SSG), Hon Ifedayo Abegunde described the show as encouraging, saying the people of Akure have been longing for such, where people could gather as being done in big cities to relieve themselves of stress through laughter.

"Comedy adds value to human existence if well packaged. As a person, I find it difficult to laugh, even when people around me laughs, while watching comedians perform.

"Honestly, I have watched one today that really got me carried away. It is a talent. A good comedian has to be talented and gifted to be able to create jokes out of everything around him. For him to have made me laugh today, SweetSteve is no doubt, a talented Comedian", he submitted.

Also commenting, a Nollywood Actress, Princess Dupe Adetuwo, on her own, said comedy is a platform for people to gather to laugh-off their worries and ease their tension through a well-crafted jokes.

On why it is fast dominating the entertainment industry, she said "it is expected, because people are going through difficult times and needed their spirit to be lifted, hence the need for comedy.

"They want to get out of their worries occasioned by the daily huzzling and buzzling and relax their minds. It is another means by which a sick mind can be brought back to life", she stated.

Some of the elated audience who spoke with The Hope Friday Extravaganza, described SweetSteve as a pride to people of the state for deeming it fit to berth the show in Akure.

"A show of this nature is only witnessed in big cities like; Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Calabar among others, but for him to have started such here, makes him a hero.

They urge him to remain humble and not to be carried away by with fame. He should be steadfast, cool headed and continue soaring.

Artistes who added glamour to the included; ArkBishop, TY Jokes, MC Brown, Rubbertainer from Ghana, MC Mosky, Jazzman Olofin, Earthquake, the Melodites, Konga among numerous others.

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