What Mimiko did to workers 10 days before his exit [Investigation]

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Contrary to the claims by the former governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko that he would have paid the backlog of salary arrears in the state before his exit but for the disappearance of the Account General, the Mimiko led administration made 14 requests to the office of the accountant General but workers salaries was not included, DAILY POST investigation has revealed.

The then Commissioner for finance, Yele Ogundipe made 14 requests to the office of the Accountant General on February 14th.

According to the requests, all the monies requested for were needed for "government urgent needs".

Workers salary was, however, not included in the requests.

There has been a heated argument over the true financial status of the state as Mimiko said he left a whooping sum of N20billion while the incumbent, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu said he only met over N9billion in the coffers of the state.

Mimiko through his former Commissioner for Information, Kayode Akinmade had said, " most of the amounts that came late into our tenure was to be used to offset a chunk of owed salaries before the then Accountant General made a curious disappearance ."

During the inauguration of the state Commissioners, Akeredolu gave analysis of the amounts of money met on ground.

He said, "Banks Balances: N7,236,594,630.36 Fixed Deposit/Call Deposit: N837,000,000.00 Balance in Bond Proceeds: N254,000,000.00 Fixed Deposit (OSOPADEC): N1,449,000,000.00, Portfolio Management Account: N180,000,000.00, Grand Total: N9,956,594,630.36."

The governor also dropped a bombshell of a N220billion debt left behind by the Mimiko-led administration.

He gave the analysis as "Internal Debt: N53,159,719,891.01, External Debt: N17,485,393,971.50, Unpaid Salaries and Allowances, Aug to Dec, 2016: N17,279,115,588.10, Unpaid Salaries and Allowances, Jan to Feb, 2017: N6,911,663,629.24, Ondo State Pension Liabilities: N4,800,965,850.00, Ondo State Gratuity: N15,043,537, 042.74, Unpaid Local Government Salaries and Allowances Aug to Dec: 2016 N9,320,568,782.41, Unpaid Local Government Salaries and Allowances (Jan. to Feb., 2017): N5,192,437,503.30, Local Government Pension Liabilities: N25,237,348,457.26, Local Government Gratuities Liability: N20,965,598,590.61, Contractors' Liabilities: N39,740,423,934.76, Outstanding payment requests in the Office of the Accountant-General without cash-backing: N5,451,352,494.25. Total: N220,588,125,731.00 ".

But Mimiko in his response insisted that he left N20 billion in the coffers of the state.

He also gave the analysis as "N7.37.Billion in the Current Account; N7.53Billion as Fixed Deposit; N1.2Billion in the MDG Account; $346,000 and 443,000Euro in the Domiciliary Account, including the N825million ".

However, sources in the office of the Accountant General who does not want her name in the press due to the sensitive nature of the issue revealed that of the N7. 53 billion, the former administration claimed it left in the Fixed Deposit , a whooping sum of N4. 727 billion of it was inaccessible.

"Of the claimed N7. 53 billion in the Fixed Deposit, a total sum of N4. 727 billion is inaccessible. It represents a profile in respect of Owena Oil & Gas and another deposit with Aso Savings & Loans, which is bankrupt,".

The source also disclosed that " precisely on the 14th of February 2017, the former commissioner for Finance, Yele Ogundipe, made about 14 requests for release of money 'for government's urgent needs', totaling N1. 46 billion "

" It is surprising that, while the administration claimed that it wanted to offset a 'chunk' of the owed salaries, none of the requests for funds as at that date included any one for payment of salaries 

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