Call Sagay To Order, Senate Tells Buhari

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It appears the spat between the legislature and the executive may not end soon as the Senate is asking the President to rein in the chairman of the Presidential Action Committee on Anti-corruption, Professor Itse Sagay.

The Senate is accusing the Professor of Law of spreading falsehood and making hate speeches against the National Assembly.

The Senate spokesman, Senator Aliyu Abdullahi, in a statement claims that Prof. Sagay is fond of using every opportunity to make public speeches to disparage the Federal Legislature.

Senator Abdullahi adds that prof. Sagay gave false details about the salary and allowances of the legislators and the various bills passed by the National Assembly.

"We believe that Professor Sagay should stop spreading rumours about the salaries and allowances of legislators when he could simply get the facts from the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Allocation Commission (RMFAC) which is the body constitutionally charged with the responsibility of fixing salaries and allowances of all public officials."

Meanwhile, Prof. Sagay in an interview with Channels Television stated that he would not join words with the lawmakers who are only reacting to his recent speech at a public lecture in Lagos organized by the Society of International Law.

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