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African Students For Liberty, ASFL, organized a workshop for writers on Thursday, August 17, 2017, at the Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan. The host Nathaniel Luz, Local Coordinator, African Students for Liberty, said the workshop was meant to improve the quality of works the participants produced.

The speakers were Sodiq Oyeleke, Senior Consultant, Academy of Communication (Media Academy) Lagos, Nigeria spoke on"Writing for your Intended Audience and Creative Writing for Media Publication".He taught on how writers can balance both sides of an argument without mixing things up.

Ibrahim B. Anoba, African and International Affairs Analyst, Lagos, Nigeria, spoke on "The Relevance of Writing in Preserving Liberties and The Art of Op-Ed Writing".He explained on how writers should carefully align their arguments, and he encouraged writers to always be on sensitive issues.

Olumayowa Okediran, Assistant Director of International Programs at Students For Liberty, gave an insight on Students For Liberty, the global movement for liberty, and the opportunities therein. He admonished the participants to commit to promoting liberty always.

Abdul Salam Mahamadu, President, Centre for Liberty and Entrepreneurship, CLE Ghana, spoke on "Advocating for a Freer Society via the Pen and introduction to cryptocurrency". He talked on why we should support market decentralization and endorse the cryptocurrency movement.

Adeleke Abdullahi from the Centre for Liberty and Entrepreneurship, Ghana, spoke on "Social media leverage for writers". He spent time teaching on the various social media tools, their uniqueness, and how they can be used to promote writings.

Tirzah Duren Researcher at Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives spoke on "Writing with Statistics". She explained the importance of imputing data to one's arguments. She also talked about how and where writers could get data for their works.

Nathaniel Luz in his closing remarks admonished the participants to practice all they had learnt stating that Africa could no longer afford to be behind.

The sessions were educative with the participants having the opportunity of asking questions and networking.
Gifts of books and shirts were given to deserving participants courtesy of ASFL, and the AYN Rand Institute, and gifts of cash courtesy of Dash Cryptocurrency.

More photos from the workshop.

Nathaniel Luz, Convener, LibertyWriters Workshop, Local Coordinator, ASFL can be reached on +234 816 320 5216 for your inquiries.

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