Announcing ASFL 2017 Regional Conferences @ASFLNigeria

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This is the most exciting time of the year for us at ASFL, as Regional Conferences are one of our biggest events, where our leaders gather for weekend of insightful learning about the classical liberal ideas from the best pro-liberty advocates in Africa, debates by participants, presentations on our achievement in advocating for free markets and liberty; amazing networking opportunities and interesting, you get to young people like yourselves, friends you've made over social media, and new people from different climes.

We have the best of speakers lined up for these conferences, and we really need you to first, apply to attend, join the organising team, and publicise the conferences among your friends.

This is OUR thing – we can't afford to fail with it. We need a great mobilization drive for people to attend these conferences, and as well as your efforts to make the events successful. There are various capacities every one of you can fit in at these conferences. Please, ensure you reach out to your Regional Director/ Conference Directors for more information.

Every effort come with its own reward and results. Your effort, no matter how little can make a difference. So, don't hesitate to contribute to its success.

Additionally, you should also plan to attend any of these conferences. They offer great learning opportunities, and the joy of travelling to a new environment cannot be matched to any other experience!

The link to apply to any of these conferences can be found here: I have also attached the graphics you can use to publicise the event among your networks.

For more information on these conferences, contact:

Linda (Kenya) –

Oluwafemi (Nigeria) –

Evancy – (Tanzania) –

From now on, they will also reach out to you on other details of the conference, organizing team and the capacities to volunteer for.

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