We do not want Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu is on his own, Ondo Igbo leader

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More reactions have continued to trail the on-going agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for creation of a sovereign state.
The latest of these is coming from Igbos in Ondo State.

While speaking with SUNSHINE HERALD on the stand of Igbos in the state, the leader of Igbo Community in the State, Chief (Dr.) Titus Umenwewke who confirmed to have been a resident of Ondo State for close to 50 years insisted on the unity of Nigeria. 

While emphasizing the stand of Igbos all across Yoruba land, Chief Umenwewke said, "There is never any Igbo man who is residing in Yoruba land or anywhere in the South-West who has agitated about going home."

Chief Umenwewke also regarded the agitators as young men who were not born before the civil war.

"Don't mind these young agitators, if there is any war, all the fine buildings and structures we are appreciating would be destroyed and investment and effort would be wasted and its takes long to recover from war and its aftermath."

The business man further pointed out, "No investor would like to turn himself into a riff-raff and watch all his effort wash down the drain."

Regretting the possible implications, should a breakage happen, the civil war veteran said, "If I do not love Yoruba, I won't have properties here in their land.

"If am going back home today, I cannot go with all my properties except my family and it is part of the love I have for Yoruba."

On the need to sustain the peaceful coexistence of Nigeria, the elder state man warned, "All these agitators nobody can see war and pray to see it again in a life time, even myself I don't pray to ever witness war again.

"If there is war, there will be cut off. For example, if there is war in Ondo State, the target would be how to bomb the state capital.

"The other party will be shading Akure from Ondo, another party will be shading it from Owo and then all the bomber plane would be bombing Akure, fighters and jets will be fighting Akure."

The ex-soldier recalled, "I witnessed the war. I was in Biafra. Nobody, particularly myself who witnessed the war would pray to see it again.

"So I will tell you as an earthly man, nobody would pray to witness it again."

On the promoter of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, Chief Umenwewke said, "Nnamdi Kanu is likeable to a student sent to school, while some students face their studies others would want to feel wiser than there mate and use short cut."

The Imo State born business man clamoured for the unity of the country through equity and urged aggrieved parties to always bring their issues to a round table discussion.

"We can't achieve anything through violence, if you feel cheated, let people know, say it in a calm way and not violence," he submitted.

He further advised Igbos in the state to "forget Biafra and let us all live as one and still keep the brotherly relationship and love."

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