Ondo chief meteorologist lists ways out of flooding

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With the onset of heavy rains and the resultant flood in the country, people have been charged to take preventive measures as a matter of urgency.

The Chief Meteorologist at the Ondo State Ministry of Agriculture, Mr Adejoro Ajayi, gave the charge in a chat with The Hope, saying there is need to re- strategise, foster stronger collaboration and embrace effective disaster management to prevent flooding.

He implored people to construct good drainage system along their houses, clean them, and stop building houses on water banks, saying rivers during flood burst their banks engulfing buildings.

Ajayi said that one way of reducing the damage caused by flooding is to remove buildings from flood-prone areas by vacating for higher ground as soon as possible.

The Chief Meteorologist warned people to stop dumping dirts in the gutter, clean the surroundings always, and they should not wait until environmental days to cater for their environment.

He urged farmers to plant crops that can survive during this period, saying only cocoa could be affected by the heavy rain.  He however charged them not to entertain fears because the crop would pick up later.

His words: 'Flood is ravaging many parts of Nigeria even the northern part of the country. Ondo State is also a state where we have one of the largest parts of coastline in Nigeria and is prone to flooding. We are still lucky that flood has not occurred in our state. I would advise our people as a matter of urgency to be cautious of the looming danger and stop dumping refuse in the drainages.

'Most people do not bother to clean their environment until environmental days when government officials force them to do so. It should not be so. Look at what happens at Victoria Island and Lekki in Lagos three days ago, because people built their houses close to water bank. Water would always find its level, if where water is to flow through, houses and other things are blocking it, the water will find its level by flowing into those things.

'Farmers do not have to fear, particularly those into crops. They can make better use of the situation for now to plant crops like vegetables, yams, plantains, banana and pineapple among others."

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