NULGE commends Akeredolu on salary payment

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The President, National Union of Local Government Employees, Ondo State chapter, Dr. Bunmi Eniayewu has praised the state governor for paying local government workers promptly since assumption of office.

He also called on the state governor to support agitation for councils  autonomy, so as, to bring rapid development to the nooks and crannies of the state.

Eniayewu who spoke with The Hope yesterday in Akure lauded Governor Akeredolu for alleviating the suffering of local government workers since, stressing that his action has saved many lives and families.

According to him, series of meetings held with Arakunrin on the local government issue has shown that he has the workers welfare at heart and for ready to mitigate the problems identified at councils in the state .

" We have held series of meetings with Arakunrin on local government problems and how to resolve them. In all, he has shown his interest on how councils should be administered very open to local government administration and wants to see all councils develop at their own pace in the state."

Eniayewu posited that local government councils have competent personnel who are ready to work with the state government to make the arm virile in the state.

Since the councils are closer to the people at the grassroots, it is pertinent to develop them and make them work in the state," he stated.

Speaking on local government autonomy, Eniayewu posited that it is not to whittle down the power of the executive, but rather to bring government nearer to the people.

He said that autonomy of the local councils will make the Chairmen to be accountable to the people since they are elected by a political party.

The NULGE president said that autonomy will make councils to take their own destiny in their hands and competitively strive among the Chairmen to excel to succeed.

He said: "Having an elected local government chairman  will make them to key into the programmes of their party and strive to leave a legacy behind during their tenure".

He said that the belief of NULGE nation wide is for councils in Nigeria to be autonomous financially, politically and administratively, so that if anything goes wrong, those at the helm of affairs can be held responsible.

He allayed the fear of primary school teachers on granting local autonomy to councils, saying that their money should be paid through first charge by the Federal Government.

According to him, nothing sinister can happen to them when autonomy is granted local councils, but it would make the elected Chairmen to be accountable to them.

On local government councils creation and local government development areas creation, Eniayewu maintained that creating local councils so far they are in conformity with the constitution is good, but the present economic recession will not make them a reality.

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