How people expose themselves to kidnappers on social media

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The era of social media is at its peak. Both the young and the old have one or more account where they interact. It is seeing as one of the easiest mediums to make acquaintances, relate to other people and stay connected with your loved ones.

It is influence has spread all throughout the world because it is easy to use, fast and cheaper. The few ones who are yet to lunched to it are being branded old fashioned or outdated.

However, despite its many benefits, if one fail to be careful and cautious of what one post or discuss online, it may turn out to be the user's worst nightmare.

Many social media users get carried away while charting online and unknowingly divulged information and secretes that are personal forgetting that whatever they post on social media is out of their control and potentially can be used against them anytime.

Some Akure residents who spoke with The Hope pointed out that issues relating to one's marriage, achievement, location, salary, employment among other sensitive matters should not be discussed on social media.

A social commentator, Mr Seun Mebinu, observed that many users get carried away with the glamour of being in vogue and pay little attention to it's negative effects. "The fact that social media is open to all makes it vulnerable to many depicts. Everyone can use it with the same ease. No restrictions, guidelines or limitation whatsoever.

"Many people share their achievements on social media. They show off their beautiful mansions, newly bought cars and posted where they throw big parties expecting to be congratulated not knowing that they have already exposed themselves to attacks. Though, they might be congratulated but the truth is that not all who congratulate them are doing so with genuine love.

"Even, It is not every member of ones family that should know about someone's success not to talk of friends you met on social media majorities of whom you have not seeing before. Especially, in a society like ours where people are being attacked through different means. I think ones achievement is personal and need not to be broadcasted on social media for security purpose ".

In the view of a guidance and counselor, Mrs Funke Talabi, also urged social media users to be careful of what they post on the internet because it goes a long way for people to read them and  arrives at any conclusion on their behalf.

"Many might claim that social media connect them to the rest of the world but I still maintained that most of these connections are false sense of association. You might think that you have gotten a best friend online but what if such person does not even exist.?

"The recently arrested notorious kidnapper in Lagos state, popularly known as Evans disclosed during interrogations that one of the ways they get their victims was through the information they posted online. I think this should be enough warning for the wise. People should stop posting house warming pictures, elaborate parties like birthday, wedding and burial on social media. It is an unnecessary exposure that can result to any form of attack both spiritual and physical. Mind you, there are some people that their stars does not like publicity and if they do it can stop their progress abruptly."

In the words of Mr Lawrence Adeagbo, a cyber-café owner submitted that whatever information or discussion posted online gives insight to reading deeply into what the person have not said at all and advised users to be extra careful. He revealed that social media is being used by robbers, ritualists and kidnappers to study the personalities of whom their next victims would be.

His words, "There was a young man whose brother lived abroad in my area. He often posts on social media different cars sent to him by his brother and his brother's pictures. People because of this kept monitoring him through his different posts. During the last December, the brother came home for Christmas celebration but was attacked by hoodlums the second week he arrived the country. They made away with his belongings including cars after being macheted like a cow."

While appealing to people to always treat social media relationship as casual added that social media audience are larger than what one think and what one post online can make or break one's career prospects.

Sharing similar sentiment, a retired civil servant, Mr Tajudeen Alani, wondered why many Nigerians are so gullible to the extent of sharing their secret freely to strangers they did not know despite the security challenges we are facing across the country.

He added that many people are the architect of their own misfortune as the claim that we are in the internet age had made many to throw caution to the wind. "How on heart do you think a sane human being will be discussing his/her marriage, salary, movement, locations among others to people they never met before? You will agree with me that since the introduction of social media, crime rate has increased drastically because it provides information to would be attackers about whom should be visited.

"Don't discuss your marriage, your plan and salary online it gives easy access to your life. Don't let people know that you are making it by posting your gigantic buildings, fleet of cars or your families on the social media our society does not need that for now. If you are so lucky to have traveled abroad, don't post such pictures online. They are personal celebration that the glory should be given to your maker and not to create problems for yourself. Some problems that many are facing today is as a result of  what they posted on the social media. After all, we have many who are not using any social media account yet, they are surviving. Minding what you post on social media helps to keep one from problem.

"Your relationship and other personal success or plan should not be subjected to strangers's opinions because people can easily put one or two together and arrived at any conclusion which might have great negative effects on one's life."

The man also advised people against posting the pictures of their shopping online as this make them vulnerable to preventable evil attacks."Atimes, my children showed me pictures posted by people online where they went for shopping or displaying where they were eating delicious meal in a country where many cannot afford three square meal per day. All these need to be adjusted, social media should not be used to put oneself in danger."

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