Educate younger ones on Significance of June 12 – SDP

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The Social Democratic Party in Ondo state has called on all and sundry to ensure the young ones and the generations unborn are enlightened about the heroes and heroines who fought in the struggle to return Nigeria to a Democracy.

This, it was posited, will help the younger generation to know the significance of the sacrifice and appreciate those who laid down their lives to bring the country to a democratic state.

Chief Korede Duyile, Chairman of the party, in an interview with The Hope said it is imperative that the upcoming young generation are well furnished with history that will equip them with past great events in the country.

" Many of the young ones do not know the significance of June 12. And it appears schools are not ready to educate and inform them with the abolition of History subject from the curriculum.

" When these leaders of tomorrow are being properly informed, they will definitely appreciate the Day and the martyrs who lost their precious lives in the struggle."

Duyile also gave kudos to the Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, for being very thoughtful by being the first Governor in the state to declare June 12, a public holiday.

He said," I appreciate the fact that the state declared June 12 as a work-free day. I salute Governor Akeredolu for appreciating the Day.

"Some of us suffered a lot in the process of fighting that the result of the June 12 election be upheld.

"If Abiola had so sacrificed himself and if other leaders within the NADECO had not carried on the fight against the annulment, probably we will not be enjoying any form of democracy today."

He  stated that June 12 should be regarded as the real Democracy Day.

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