Did you ever think of setting up viewing centre? Read this then!

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Start up Cost:

N200,000, N500,000 -N700,000

Estimated earning:

N70,000 above monthly ( football season).


Small sign post, word of mouth, personal contact, complimentary cards.

Why it is a good business:

In every family there is always a football fan. The popularity of the game among Nigerians especially the youths have created a very good pastime for them. Their passion for football game have also created avenues for some people to make cool money to meet the yearnings of football fans .Our investigation revealed that both young and old, especially males most times keep vigil to watch foreign football matches, which include English Premier League, Italy- Serie A, Spain- La Liga, Germany- Bundesliga, France- Ligue 1, England FA cup and Champions League cup competitions etc. All these clubs have fans all over the world.

In view of the growing love for football, many outlets have been turned to viewing centres which is also called "ball house" among FUTA  students (football fans ) to meet the demand of sports lovers and sports enthusiasts. Some go to viewing centres to watch matches because they could not afford the luxury of owing satellite dish and paying monthly subscription of over N9000, or the luxury of buying generating set.  Some use the opportunity to relax among football fans by way of interaction and possibly make new friends .

Definitely anyone that dabbles into the business is out to have full house of viewers and make good money.

Skills Necessary / Staff Requirement:

The person dabbling into the business must have interest in sports. No need of going for any training before setting the business up and making money. The person starting the job may require the services of a sales person, who will be collecting money and issuing out tickets.

Equipment / Raw Materials Needed:

Accommodation/space, store hall, satellite dish(es) – DSTV, GOTV decoders, television sets, generator, tables, chairs, air conditioner, fans etc.

Start up:

Anyone going into the business must be a sports lover. Having made up one's mind, all one needs to do is to set aside about N200,000 as initial capital to meet up the basic needs. For a small viewing centre, a 25 inches television set should be okay as initial start up, while a standard centre with about 30 or 50 viewers will need a big TV plasma  costing about N100,000 or two small ones at N30,000 each. There are some centres that show two different matches simultaneously, at such centres, customers normally pay N100 or N120 as against the normal price of N70 or N120 especially in school's environment.  A DSTV decoder costs N16,000 and a month subscription is N9000 or N6000. For this business you will need a dish that will enable you to have access to three decoders that are directly linked to sports, this one now costs N21,000, which was formerly sold for N17,400.Earmark about N12000/N18000 for rentage. Our investigation revealed that for commercial  purpose DSTV multiple choice is the best as other decoders would not show live sports 24/7.

You will equally need a small generating set of about N15000 if not more. If there's an air conditioner in the room or venue it makes the arena more conducive and will no doubt attract more customers. Earmark a certain amount about N30000 for buying plastic chairs or construct benches, however, plastic chairs will be better for comfortability.

Business start up gathered that the harvesting periods of such viewing centres are always during the premier league, champion's cup, World Cup matches etc. No amount invested into the business that you would not reap in multiple in terms of proceeds.

Bottom Line Advice:

Our source advised that viewing centre is not a place one can run alone as one must have assistants, at least one person who will be assisting in collecting gate fees so that customers do not go away after the matches with ones money. In running such centres one needs to be security conscious, fracas can occur at viewing centre as a result of fans of particular football clubs arguing about a player or officiating referees before you know it, it can result into fighting. This is frequent in some existing centres. During big matches it is advisable to always have security personnel if the environment is noted for unruly behavior of football fanatics.

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