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Many a time does the need come for one to put up with relatives, in-laws or friend in another city or country when you relocate as a worker on transfer, job seeker, corp member or for financial reasons.

Few days after arrival is often pleasant with the excitement of having a visitor around. You could be lucky to get your breakfast served in bed. However, the euphoria wanes off as days unfold. Don't be shocked when you are called to make breakfast for the whole family a week after.

Your habits may have to change. You sleep when your host sleeps and are expected to be awake once he wakes up. Unwritten code of conduct such as curfews, time to lock the gate and doors and so on must be observed and adhered to, to avoid trouble.

The constant reminder 'This is not my house' echoes in your head whenever you are tempted to reach out for an apple or bread in the fridge or want a second helping of food. You wouldn't want to complain about the taste of any food served or request for your favourite meal to avoid being tagged an ingrate.

Trouble looms when your faith or denomination is different and your host family is bent on converting you to theirs. If there are kids in the house, you are expected to assist in taking care of them and act responsible at all times.

The truth is there is no place that would be comfortable as your home or father's house nevertheless, there is need for you to adapt and make adjustment in your lifestyle when you live with friends or relatives lest you cause tension and strain in your relationship. You will not be there forever so do your best to live in peace while it lasts.

I will like to hear from you. Please feel free to share your good or bad experience while living with family, relatives or friends, in the comment session or send a mail to Your story could be published in the next episode. Won't you be my guest?

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