Are you planning to Establish a private school? Check this out

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Start up cost:

N300,000 , N500,000, N1,000,000 and above.


Handbills, posters, personal contact, word of mouth.

Why it is a good business:

Every parent wants a good education for his or her ward and children. In view of the importance or learning in our society, establishment of schools is no longer the sole property of government , private schools  are already competing  with public schools. Many parents now prefer to enrol their wards in private schools. Many businessmen  who have seen that there is an opening in this business now take advantage of investing in school business. Much as there are many schools from kindergarten, nursery to primary schools, there are still more schools needed to meet up with the required demand. You too can start one today.

Skills Necessary / Staff Requirement:

To have a good foundation the person starting the project must a university graduate with good teaching background  will be an advantage, NCE holder with experience in teaching , the person should also be someone who can motivate others with managerial skill. Three to five teachers may be required to start up with a head teacher  or the proprietor/ proprietress to supervise or coordinate. It is more advantageous for the proprietor to be the head teacher at the initial stage of the project especially when he or she is an experienced teacher.

Equipment / Materials Needed:

Accommodation – class rooms ,school uniform , furniture ,playground , swings, chalkboard , chalks, dusters, biro, exercise books, class helpers, desktop computer, chairs ,desks, tables ,registers , teaching aids,

Start up:

Our findings on the business informed that a good school does not need a fortune to start. One does not need to pay through his or her noise  to pay the teachers  for a start. The initial capital required to set up a modest but standard nursery school could be as low as N500,000 including the rent. From the above sum, rentage can take about N160,000 for two years, swings of two types can cost about N56,000 to construct or buy good ones, labour / salary can cost about N200,000 for one year, depending  on the number of teachers, drawings/ designs on the fence wall to make the school easily identifiable  and beautiful  can cost about N8000 to N12000. Finally earmark about N50000 for other expenses.

Our findings revealed that the easiest way to start up is by starting with the day care / nursery and primary school because of the high finances involved . The person starting must be an educationist with teaching as background . The starter can make himself or herself the head teacher to make the school run smoothly

In starting the school business , the person must be mindful of the location and accommodation for the pupils. Our investigation revealed that the government  gave some guidelines on the type of building  that could be approved for school operation . We equally learnt that the environment  also matters a lot. importantly it should be very neat and children friendly. However, this does not need to cost one a fortune. Ondo State  House of Assembly sometime in 2006 passed a bill establishing schools in the state . The law stands to penalize any proprietor that does not follow the guiding principles in establishing schools.

One will also need a play ground with one or two swings, the field must have a well kept lawn to safeguard the children  in the event of accidental falls. No matter how small the school is, one must have to put in place health facilities.

You can start your own school by renting a bungalow with enough rooms to cater for the needs of the school. If you are the type  that has enough money, you can purchase a large expanse of land. A five plot of land can cost about N3million, if not more in a well located or strategic  area.

The furniture needed for a nursery and primary  school setting is not so expensive , you can get a very good one that could be durable as long as the school exists.

Bottom Line Advice:

When one is sure everything is set, one can start sending is set, one can start sending flyers, handbills, months before the actual take-off.

Speaking with the proprietress of Grand School, Fanibi Akure , Mrs Dolapo Ikpro, explained that there are many ways in ensuring that your school succeeds from the onset. One of such ways is to make sure that the school is registered properly with the government before it takes off at all. She noted that most people take that aspect for granted.

Mrs Ikpro disclosed that the before she started her school officials of the Ministry of Education came to the site on three different occasions for inspection of facilities before the final approval was given.

It was found that in starting the business one must try to improve  on the standard of the existing ones to draw people to ones school. The proprietress advised that for one to be in business one must provide a conducive environment for learning, the owner must be ready to invest much to meet certain standard that is applicable  in any urban area.

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