Ramadan: Akure Chief Imam charges Muslims to help each other

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As Muslims all across the globe kick start yet another 30days of fasting, the Chief Imam of Akure, Alhaji( Dr.) Abdulhakeem Yayi-Akorede has charged Muslim faithfuls to remain committed in supporting one another during the period of the holy month.

While speaking to SUNSHINE HERALD at the Akure Central Mosque after the last Jumaat Service before the commencement of Ramadan, the cleric described the Ramadan period as a holy month characterized by forgiveness, mercy and abundant blessing.

In his words, "We welcome this month with good character and worship. Muslims should pray fervently, help those who are in need of help.

"If we have been helping ourselves we would not find ourselves in this situation at all."

He further challenged muslims to preach peace, pray for Nigeria and pray for people while stressing that, "Even if anybody abuses us in this month of Ramadan, we should not retaliate rather we should be patient and tell the person we are fasting instead of attempting to fight back."

The cleric also spoke on the effect of the prevailing economic situation of the land on the holy month.

He said, "Recession is a stranger and any stranger that comes into your house will surely grow. Very soon, insha Allah, recession will go but we should learn to help one another. We should see ourselves as one.

"If you have something with you which remains after you have catered for your needs and that of your families, you can give what is left to someone else who does not have anything."

Akorede also imputed the recession to lack of the passion to help one another.

"Recession came because we do not have mercy in our minds. If I have ten naira on me and you have nothing with you. If I can eat and still have some money on me after eating, if I give to you, say, two naira from what is left I won't have any problem at all.

"But because I am not someone who has it in mind, I will prefer to keep the money with me and let people continue to suffer. That is why recession is here and there."

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