OSOPADEC reads riot act to contractors

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The Ondo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, (OSOPADEC) has read riot act to some of its contractors who have abandoned sites after collecting mobilisation fees from the commission.
The Chairman of the intervention agency which manages 40 out of the 13 percent oil derivation fund accruing to the state, Mr Gbenga Edema, who met with the about 81 contractors engaged by the agency at the weekend, said the commission will pursue and track down all contractors who had collected mobilisation fees but failed to do their jobs or who performed below expectation.
Edema said idle youths would be engaged if the contractors are on site while those who supposed to be engaged in militancy would channels their energy into productive engagements.
He promised regular interactions with the contractors, while assuring them that their grievances would be looked into.
The contractors and consultants had spoken of non-release of funds to them as the major problem hindering the completion of their jobs.
They, however, expressed confidence in the state government and the new Board of the Commission to give inactive projects a new lease of life.
This development came as Edema reiterated the need to rebrand OSOPADEC for better image and performance.

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