Ondo Based Retired civil servant wants divorce over lies

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A 55-year-old retired civil servant, Jimoh Ratau Olugbenga, has sought the Customary Court order for the dissolution of his 16-year-old association  between him and his wife on the grounds of lying, nagging and indecent dressing.

Olugbenga told the court that his wife has not been giving him rest of mind since they have been together for the past 16 years.

He explained further that if the court did not dissolve the association, he might die prematurely because of his wife's attitude.

According to him, "My wife has enslaved me since, and I want to be free, I have my life to live."

I have been enduring her for so long; she doesn't want to see my family."

He urged the court to dissolve the association, so that he can have a peaceful mind.

The respondent, Eunice Basau Temidayo, denied all the allegations leveled against her by her husband.

She informed the court that her husband has been so good to her and her family and she cannot divorce her husband.

Temidayo stated that her husband bought her car when she gave birth to her first born, and since then, they have been living as husband and wife

According to her, her brother told her not to do elaborate wedding when her husband impregnated her, that she can do whatever she like after giving birth to her baby.

Temidayo said that after she gave birth to her second child, her baby was three months old when her husband impregnated her again and he told her to abort the pregnancy which she refused to do.

According to her, her mother told her to leave the pregnancy that God would assist them in taking care of the baby.

She told the court that when she gave birth to the baby girl again, her husband's family called her prostitute that she brought a bastard to their son's house.

She explained that she was happy when God blessed her with a baby boy after all the tribulations she has from her husband.

The mother of four told the court that her husband stopped paying their children's school fees and for so long, she is the only one taking care of the family.

"When my husband had problem in his working place, I borrowed N3 million from my cooperative and I gave it to my husband to settle his problem in his office, till now, he has not given me the money.

My husband have turned himself to a drunkard, he use to sleep inside the gutter which people and the police will be calling me to come and carry him.

His family called that they are coming to pack my belongings out of their son's house," she explained.

She urged the court not to dissolve the association because she loved her husband and her husband loved her too.

In his ruling, the presiding president, Mr Ayodele Omotola, said that the court has heard from both parties, and they have to adjourn the matter to another time.

"The court is to get to the root of the matter, and the court cannot force parties to marry themselves."

Acccording to him, the interest of the court is the welfare of the children.

He ordered both parties to remain peaceful, and they should bring two of their relations at the next adjournment date.

He thereafter adjourned the case till June 21, 2017 for determination.

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