Group calls EFCC to probe Mimiko over wage bill; allegation fiction – PDP

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A group, Movement for Good Governance has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes commission (EFCC) to investigate the workers wage bill in Ondo State especially in the twilight of former governor, Olusegun Mimiko's` tenure.

The group is also accusing the former governor of injecting over ten thousand names into the workforce of the state at the eleventh hour of his tenure.

But the director of Publicity of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, Ayo Fadaka described the allegation as fiction.

He said it was not possible for former governor Mimiko to inject ten thousand names into the wage bills when he was finding it difficult to pay workers salaries.

The group expressed surprise at the disparity between wage bills in the state under Mimiko's administration.

The spokesperson of the group, Prince Orimisan Adelokiki said findings show a disparity in Ondo state wage bill between 4billion naira and N 7billion naira for two consecutive months.

The group said it was also important to expose the various ghost workers in every ministry in the state to enable governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu have enough resources to deliver on his Electoral promises.

Adelokiki said the report of the committee set up by Governor Akeredolu to see to how the government will pay the backlog of salary arrears has revealed the fraudulent act perpetrated by the last government.

He said "the report has it that the total outstanding salaries for the 6 months amounted to N 38.57billion from which a month (August 2016) had been paid by Governor Akeredolu led government bringing the new outstanding to N34.5billion

"This shows that N4.07billion was the wage bill for the month of August, 2016 was had been paid by Mr. Governor

"if the committee new total outstanding salaries for 5 months equal N34.5billion, with assumption that each month wage should be nearly equal, then if the new total outstanding is divided by the 5 months of unpaid bills we get N6.9billion wage per month.

"If the committee had reported the month of August payment to be N4.07billion and discovered that the state would need N6.9billion to pay each of the remaining months, it is obvious that there was sharp practices perpetrated by the last government ".

Adelokiki said the discovery of ghost workers in the Ondo State Football Agency (OSFA) was an eye opener to the various sharp practices perpetrated by the last administration.

He wants the EFCC to beam its Searchlight on the issue and make the state free from cancer of the last government.

"What we are saying is that, there must be good governance, Governor Akeredolu has started very well, Ondo State people are impressed so far

"He undertake to pay backlog of salary which was not owned during his own government, that is not something you find among politicians of today

"But, because of his love for the masses, the governor said all salary arrears will be paid, then, we must ensure that complications are taken off his neck

"And those who have siphoned our common wealth must held accountable, more so that we are not in banana Republic" he stressed.

Fadaka said "people actually need a lot education on the workings of government , the claim that ten thousand names were injected into the wage bill as Mimiko was stepping out is a fiction.

"Because that was actually at a time the governor was struggling to play salary , so what's the point in injecting fake names into a bill that the then governor was finding difficult to pay . If they are asking EFCC to come and investigate ,why not ?

"But one thing I certainly do know is tha, throughout the time Mimiko was governor the wage bill stood at N3.9billion or there about and at no time did it go to N4billion.

"And why it was that much then was because, apart from paying the salary of the civil servants and the public servants, the wage bill of the pensioners and even the grants of the Tertiary institutions were included in that wage bill and that was why it was N3.9 billion.

"Of course, I find it amazing when i saw the current Deputy governor saying that the wage bill is over N6billion.

"That was novel to us because throughout the time Mimiko was governor it was N3.9 billion , so how the Akeredolu government now find it and discover that the wage bill is over N6billon , I think people should ask them question".

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