Ethics for men on dates

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The way and manner you behave during a date is important. Men, you need to compose yourself and handle your date well. This is Nigeria, and dates are preferably done at cinemas or shopping malls which is bizarre but honestly the best available.

Being an African man does not make you unromantic, so do things that would make your outing memorable and make your date looks forward to another outing. Below are some steps that could assist you ( men) in achieving a successful outing.


There's nothing more embarrassing than picking a venue, an outfit, discussing odd topics not acceptable to your date during the date without knowing the kind of person your date is. Take sometime prior to the date to do some social media research on her to know what she likes, this would save you any form of embarrassment .

Check her Facebook,   especially because that's one social network that let's people pour out their hearts. If she's always posting religious stuff on Facebook, don't take her to a club (just not the smartest move). If she's not a big fan of Facebook, go through her Snapchat, Instagram (could let you know if she's been to the venue you had in mind as you could find photos of her there), and storm through her tweets.


You don't wear white to a funeral, No one expects to see you in a suit if you are taking her to the movies. You do that, or any similar mistake and you become the next story for her friends and new boyfriend. Go for something you feel comfortable in but make sure you look good.


Keeping a lady waiting is the best way to start the date on a bad note. It's a date killer. Most ladies will act like it's okay, but they are pissed off with you. No matter what you do, be there on time.

4) Give her complements

Many men forget to notice and compliment their date's appearance. There must be something about her out fit, her hair or the way she smells that you like. You can be rest assured that she's spent a good portion of her time primping and preparing for this first date, and it's important that you acknowledge her efforts.


The average date lasts around 4 hours, if you can't do without checking your phone, you don't need a girlfriend. If you really must, check your phone for emergencies like watch a live match bet or sick sibling/job emergency, go to the little gent's room. It's rude to be with someone and share your attention between her and your phone. It's a clear message that the phone is as important as her.

I keep saying it that most guys that take women on dates to cinemas can't hold an interesting conversation with that lady for 15 minutes. Cause she most likely comes late, few minutes later you are watching a movie, which is something to talk about. Movie is over and you're buying food, if by then you and her haven't clicked, oh boy, she's not yours.

So, no PHONES, let's know if she's a keeper.


I will rather you not ingest alcohol, but that won't be the case if you were at a bar, or she likes drinking. No matter what you do, be a gentleman and don't get drunk.


Do I even need to tell you this? Well unless she insists, but I advice you pull a fast one on her and pay up really quick. Some ladies dig clever guys why some will see you as a jerk. Take the high road, pay up.


She may not tell you that etiquette is a priority, but be sure that she's keeping an eye on what you are, and perhaps more importantly, what you aren't doing. It's the little details that make the difference, like chewing with your mouth closed. Remember; nothing you have to say is either important or funny enough that it can't be said after you swallow.

Do offer to open the door for her, but if she insists on doing it herself, be sure and let her. Another rule to remember: any stories that involve vomit or secretions of any sort (no matter how funny or appropriate you think they are) will generally be a complete turnoff to a woman during dinner.


You're nervous and trying to make sure that she thinks you're better (and more original) than the last guy who showed up at her door .The result can often be you talking about all the things you've accomplished while neglecting to ask her about her interests. Your intentions might be to keep the conversation flowing, but a monologue actually makes for a more uncomfortable evening than a few awkward pauses. So be sure to ask her about herself; just don't turn it into an interview. A good tip is talking about her job and education, people love bragging about that.

10) Unless it went bad, never end a date with a handshake or waving hands. You either kiss her goodbye or better still hug her goodbye.

Try to be real on your date, this is important, trying to impress, does not mean you should be fake. Be yourself

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