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5 most attractive travel destinations in 2017

Our globalised world changes fast. Today it offers unbelievable opportunities for those who love to travel. We have chosen for you 5 best travel destinations for the year of 2017 that will surely give you fantastic impressions and emotions. Make your travel as perfect as it can possible be – visit https://jiji.ng/travel-agents-and-tours: only here you will find the best tour agents that offer services at reasonable prices. On Jiji, you will find a huge choice of best offers for every taste and budget. And a perfect anti-scam system guarantees safety for all your transactions!


In 2017 “shy” Finland will speak loud about itself - this year it will celebrate 100 years of its Independence! In summer there will be a grand opening of St. George luxurious hotel, and the public sauna will heat the flame of multi-national passion for “outdoor bathing”.
Best time to visit: in June you will see eternal Sunlight!


Lately, Portugal has become a very popular European travel destination. And Lisbon makes its position even stronger.
Nowadays, there are more hotels and attractions in the capital. Recently they completed restoration of the Museum of art, architecture and technology. Museu Berardo, the Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort and the Jewish Museum will soon be opened. Also, the first Anantara hotel in Europe will be opened here soon.
Best time to visit: November through February. The warm weather in winter is one of the reasons to love southern Europe!


Valletta will be European cultural capital in 2018. Therefore, the houses of Parliament and the historic city gates were reconstructed, and on Strait Street there appeared modern bars and restaurants instead of old houses. Also, there are plans to construct a new open theater.
In January, the pompous Hotel Phoenicia will open after restoration. Don't forget about beautiful family restaurants you can find almost anywhere!
Best time to visit: in spring – to feel local traditions.


This year, you should look further than Machu Picchu and visit Marash salt terraces, pristine snow-capped mountains Veronica and Savariraj, and see an endless horizon of Lake Titicaca. Improved infrastructure enables you to get to these places without any difficulty!
Best time to visit: April. After the rainy season everything is covered with greenery, and there are no crowds of tourists.


The most luxurious Caribbean island will amaze us with several novelties.
For example, in an old St. Barts Beach Hotel, you can order a car to your favorite beach. There you will see numerous amazing yachts of famous businessmen and celebrities, who were right to choose this place for relaxation!
Best time to visit: May and June: great weather and low prices.

These top-5 destinations will be especially hot in 2017. Choose one in advance – and enjoy!

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