Types Of Stalkers You Need To Avoid On Social Media And How To Avoid Them

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3 Types Of Stalkers You Need To Avoid On Social Media And How To Avoid Them."A stalker is someone who is fixated on a person whom he or she obsessively follows and harasses, stalkers may force their victims to communicate with them through phone calls, letters and mails etc". They are people who are emotionally insecure and their emotional insecurity and low self-esteem is what compound their obsessive behaviour towards their victim.

Social media is full of several people and some of those people can be very annoying. Social media has turned many people into stalkers and has gotten many people killed.  This article will be talking about the different types of stalker you can find on the social media.

The 'Hi-Hello-Goodmorning-Goodnight' creep: This is a common type of creep on the social media, "his only job is to wake up and send those gaudy good mornings/good night pictures, sometimes good afternoon, good evening and hello friend pictures too, even if you have never replied, they keep sending these messages".

The 'Reply please.' person: He is one level ahead of the previous stalker, he will hound for a reply from you and offer friendship. "They will send texts like 'Your pics are hot', 'You look so pretty, can we be friends','Why are you not replying?', 'Can we meet?' etc, what amazes me is their self-confidence, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram message requests or social media messages you will find them everywhere".

The desperate 101: "This stalker has the audacity to think of getting married to you and may have also imagined future kids with you, this is the category which you need to be a little careful about, these people are mentally frustrated or don't believe in consent".

There have being cases where those stalkers have turned out to be rapists, murderers etc so one needs to be careful when dealing with them because their insanity is on all levels.

What to do when you are being stalked on social media

Change the privacy settings of your social media accounts so that you do not give away any vital information about your whereabouts or your personal life.

Don't communicate with the stalker in any capacity, anything can be misconstrued as potential interest from your side, which could lead to further complications.

Don't talk to them thinking you will be able to reform the person as this would act as a positive reinforcement.

Collect evidence in the form of messages from the stalker as this may help in inculpating them later.

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