Is your next start up business fashion designing outfit, then check this out

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Start Up Cost:

N100,000 – N300,000


Word of mouth, personal contact, complimentary cards, sign post etc.

Why it is a good business to start

Everybody is desirous of neat and well cut designed dress or well tailored materials. The importance of tailors to the society cannot be over emphasized.

In view of modernisation, tailoring has taken a new dimension. Tailors are now commonly referred to or recognized as fashion designers. Before now not all tailors can be called fashion designers in view of the creativity involved.

Apparently, every new entrance into the business is regarded as fashion designer in view of what is in vogue. Men and women these days go for designing clothes and dresses.

Tailoring is the type of business that is opened to both men and women, anyone that engages in the business is out to make a good source of living. You may decide to specialise in any of these: suits, wedding gowns, native dress, designing, etc. or combine them. You may employ designers to assist.

Skills Necessary/ Staff Requirement:

The business can be started by the person alone and employ more people when the business is growing. Person's interest is the first prerequisite and an academic qualification that does not go below school certificate to give room for easy communication and mastery of the job, Such a person must be ready to devote time for the job and have good customers' relations. The business is becoming more interesting as many unemployed  university graduates and under graduates have developed new love for the business .

Equipment / Materials Needed:

20U machine, overlock and sewing machines, pressing iron, tables , chairs, stool, scissors, tape rule, button, threads, radio , tv and video machine to play back recorded designed materials for customers.

Start Up:

A person with good vision, capital of about N100,000 will set the ball rolling. With this figure the person should have it in mind of getting a shop in a good location in the neighborhood, but for someone starting from a little lower level, can start the business from home. Speaking with the Chief Executive Officer, MO's Signature ,a fabric/cloth designing outfit in Akure, Mosimiloluwa Babatope, explained that anyone who wants to do the business must be ready to go through apprenticeship ranging between six months and two years, depending on the education level or the seriousness of the apprentice. According to her, the fees for training also range between N30,000 and N60,000. When you to set up your outfit, ensure that you secure an accommodation in an open arena with sign post. Get a sewing machine costing about N35,000, the same l bought  for N17,000 about three years ago during my youth service year.

The CEO explained that the materials needed include, tape rule for measurement, scissors, threads of different colors, pressing iron, overlock machine for weaving etc. If you want to go into designing, the machine for this is the 20U machine costing over N50,000.

Another source explained that one can employ specialist designers for work on the designing machine.

Business Start Up learnt that  it is compulsory for any practicing tailor to belong to the Association of Nigeria Union of Tailors with a certain amount for registration. The CEO of MO's Signature stated that a skirt and blouse costs N6,000 for ladies, prices depend on the styles ,they are not static, gown costs N5,000. For men wears, baba and sokoto N2,500 1500, while designed clothes are costlier. What we are saying in essence is that the business is a good one that has come to stay because men and women would continue to wear clothes and different styles / designs would continue to come out.

Bottom Line Advice

Anyone going into the business is advised to persevere and be ready to work very hard .Such should not be in a hurry in making profits, it should be a gradual thing not something you see and just grabbed in a hurry.

Another popular tailor in Akure told us that it is noticed that those who failed in the business most often were those who were forced to do the business not those who joined voluntarily, who have interest in the business. To get good cloth designs and styles you can make use of  posters, ovation magazine, etc. lt is a business you can make millions from if you are the serious type.

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