10 crazy reasons why Nigerians ended their relationships

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You only need to check the comment sections of popular Instagram/Facebook pages to see the amount of savagery in Nigerians.

Many hardly leave wrongs unpunished no matter how trivial those things are, and that also shows in the way they relate with their partners.

People are always eager to get one over anyone who offends them, even if that person is the love of their life.

So, when comic Instagram page, KraksTV, asked on Tuesday, March 5, for the pettiest reasons why people have ever broken up with their partners, you can be sure that the most ridiculous reasons would be submitted.

While the meaning of petty seem to have been lost on some of the people who commented, there was still an over-abundance of pettiness crawling in the comment section of that post, and below are the 10 of the most epic ones we found.

1. Too forgiving
A girl says she broke up with a guy because he forgave and overlooked her wrongs too often.

"Didn't feel the intensity in the relationship. He never got mad at me even when I wronged him intentionally. Not throwing tantrums, but he should at least get angry for once."

2. His taste in food was shit
Another girl goes, "he doesn't eat egusi (melon) soup," so she broke up with him.

3. Bigger feet
Can you imagine that? The battle of feet.

So this guy broke up with his babe because, according to him, "her foot was bigger than mine."

4. Lost magic of the dimple
This particular lady no longer felt attracted to her boyfriend because the spell of his dimple lost its hold on her.

"I didn't like his dimple anymore," she wrote. So she broke up with him.

5. Wawuu
This guy's reason was "she put only one meat on my rice."

6. Dissed his fav artistes
This guy felt more loyalty to his favourite rap stars than his girl, breaking up with her because she "insulted South Park and Kodak Black."

7. Ate my meat
Her guy ate the very last piece of meat she'd ever find on planet earth.

8. Gummy battles
I broke up with her, says a guy, because "she ate my Haribos when I told her not to touch it."

9. Big navel
Another guy felt his girl's navel was too much of a relationship problem to deal with.

10. She interrupted my game
"She unplugged the PS4 while I was playing FIFA with my boys!!!

What??!!! so I called her to the side and unplugged our relationshit!! Had to drop that p..."

Honourable mention goes to those who broke up because their guys came too early, because he finishes his food before touching the meat he was served, and the one who broke up with her guy because he drove too slowly.

We wonder, when friends ask these people why they broke up, what would their responses be?

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