Medical doctor kills self, jumps into Lagos lagoon

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A man who is believed to be a medical doctor has reportedly taken his own life by jumping into the Lagos lagoon at the Third Mainland Bridge.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred on Sunday, March 19, 2017.

The report said the alleged medical doctor was driven to the spot in his Nissan SUV. He stopped the driver with the excuse that he wanted to check something on the body of the car.‎

The unsuspecting driver reportedly stopped only for the man to jump into the lagoon.

PM NEWS corroborated the reports adding that the man, while being driven, was receiving a call when he suddenly asked his driver to stop.

"The driver of the SUV was quoted as saying that the man asked him to stop, came out of the vehicle and jumped into the Lagoon on Third Mainland Bridge," the report said adding that the incident occurred between Adekunle and Adeniji end of the bridge.

The driver and the SUV have been taken to the police station while officials of the Lagos state Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and security officers are currently at the scene to retrieve the body of the victim.‎

The public relations officer of the Nigerian police in Lagos state, Famous Cole, did not take calls to his mobile phone.

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