Doctor who jumped into lagoon had been on exams failing streak – Classmate reveals

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Controversies keep trailing the reported suicide of a medical doctor, Allwell Orji, who was said that have jumped into the lagoon in Lagos from the third mainland bridge.

This time, a classmate of his has testified that the late doctor received the news of another failure in aprofessional examination hours before he died.

One of Dr Orji's classmates in medical school, who pleaded anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the matter, told the media that the deceased doctor had attempted suicide in 2012 when he began his quest to specialize in his medical practice but failed the qualifying exams.

According to him, "Orji had been trying to specialize without success for a while.

"He took a course in surgery and failed, then paediatrics and failed.

"The last one was when he sat for the final exams in Family Medicine, which he also failed.

"The results of the exams were released last Tuesday, but because he was not on the class' WhatsApp group, he could not get the information on time. Someone informed him about the development on Saturday, but he only confirmed his poor result that Sunday.

"He does not have a friend in the class and was a recluse of sort. During the final exams, he even fell ill and convulsed in class."

Meanwhile, Dr. Orji's driver, Henry Ita has revealed that his boss, Allwell Orji, left his Abule-Ijesha home during a family prayer session that fateful day.

Ita, in his statement to police, insisted that his boss beckoned on him to take him out in the middle of a prayer session between his mother, Mrs Chinyere Orji and a pastor.

According to him, "he had been home all day. He was casually dressed in trousers and long sleeve shirt when he called me to take him out. He sat in front but did not speak to me or anyone on the phone until we got to a point on the Third Mainland Bridge.

"He ordered me to park, saying he wanted to urinate. He alighted from the car and immediately climbed the rail. Before I could alight from the car, he had jumped into the lagoon."

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