If Muslim clerics preach the right message, followers won’t kill Christians – Pastor Kumoluyi

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General Overseer of the Word Bible Church, Pastor Julius Kumoluyi, has said if Muslim clerics and Christian leaders preach the right thing, there will be no reason for followers to kill themselves.

The G.O also said the perennial challenges in the nation's political system have made it imperative for the nation to understudy advanced and successful democracies.

Kumoluyi advised the nation's leaders to consider inviting delegations comprising experts, technocrats and statesmen from countries with advanced democracies to share their experiences for Nigeria to learn from.
The cleric, who spoke at the Ondo and Ekiti State headquarters of the Church at Igbara Odo Ekiti, during the ongoing February edition of the monthly three-day prayer meeting, said such summits on constant basis would shape the Nigerian experience and as well grow its democracy.

He said: "What Nigeria has had under the different republics spanning about 29 years shows our democracy to be young and our experience little. There should be something in form of lectures and seminars whereby advanced democracies are invited to lecture us on how they got to where they are and what keeps them moving. The need to learn from successful experiences and advanced democracies cannot be over-emphasized at this time in the life of our country," the cleric said.

The pastor, who said taking up arms was never the way out of the present turmoil and incessant killings in the country, tasked Christian clerics to rise to the occasion by ensuring a return to "the God-given weapon which we have neglected. Our weapon is not physical, but spiritual – fasting and prayer.

"Why don't we call on God? Why don't we come together to pray? If Christians resort to carrying of arms to fight, we will kill ourselves unnecessarily. The nation will be in disarray and there will be no peace and tranquility in the country," he said.

Kumoluyi, who said Muslims and Christians are creatures of God, condemned killings on any basis including religion as he advised clerics of the two faiths to pray and preach the truth to the adherents.

"Muslim and Christian clerics should pray and preach the right message to their followers including making them realize that killing cannot solve our problems. Let the people know the true word of God which will put them on the right path.

"If Muslim clerics preach the right thing, there will be no reason for followers to kill Christians. If Christian clerics preach the right thing, there will be no reason for followers to kill Muslims, then the nation will be at peace," the cleric said.

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