4 supercool activities worth considering for 2017 Valentine's day

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The frenzy surrounding Valentine's day will soon be upon everyone in earnest, and in the few days before, after, and on February 14 itself, love will be beautifully celebrated as it is annually done worldwide.

Candle-lit dinners, hand-written love notes, surprise gifts and hampers, teddy bears, romantic messages... the list of gifts that will be shared and received are almost inexhaustible.

Though Valentine's day, 2017 falls on a Tuesday, that will hardly stop lovers from spending time together and seeking to make the best of the event.

Below, we list top four ideas that should add a spark to the event for you and your bae.

1. Romantic Dinner for two
This one is a Valentine's classic and will continue to be so for as long as February 14 remains a day to celebrate love.

So do not be scared to make reservations at that fancy restaurant, and go on a romantic dinner date where you and your partner dress up and chow on great food and fine wine.

Most restaurants have special Valentine's day deals and decorate the place to reflect the love in the air. Look out for those ones so the atmosphere fits just right for you.

2. Visit a spa
Now, this might not be the most common thing you hear people doing on Val's day, but that exactly is the point why it's such a great idea for you and your partner.

Especially for couples who do not like crowds or those who would rather spend exclusive time with their bae or boo, a visit to the spa sounds like a something you should do on Feb. 14.

Couples who also want to try something different and unconventional will find this not only enjoyable, but refreshing and literally relaxing as well.

PS: A session of slow, languid lovemaking will cap off the night perfectly. [wink]

3. Netflix and Chill
Ok. Maybe not exactly Netflix, but you get the picture.

A night in with your partner could be ideal fir you this year, especially if you have tried almost everything before.

Order popcorn, pizza or other edible stuff you both love, and settle in for a night of binge watching series/movies. The intimacy and total privacy this affords you is totally unprecedented.

4. Go on a baecation
Admitted, this may have to be few days after Valentine's day itself, but that's no problem. The whole week is still considered Valentine's, so going out for a short vacation weekend with bae could really be great for you. The advantages of doing so are just so amazing.

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