10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Endowment

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S3x is really a big issue in our society today, and there are so many wrong assumptions pertaining to human sexuality. One of such misconceptions is the issues of p3nis size.

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

1. Shoe Size:

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

This the most common methods may apply when trying to measure the size of a man.

Perhaps this is because we are quite acquainted with our shoe sizes.

A lot of people try to rationalize on this fact, they try to create a link between the size of a guy's feet and the length of his penis.

The truth is whether you find a square root or divide by the cube root,  it's merely a myth.


10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

Some you have to make an L- shape to get it right.

They say you the distance between the tip of your index finger and the thumb is equivalent to the p3nis size of the man in question.

Many claim that this is the most accurate method, but believe me there is no science to it.

3. Height:

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

Just like the shoe method, women often relate a man's height to his crock-size.

Scientifically, height has only a minute correlation with the penile length, but the correlation is too small to be considered tangible.

So any lady toeing this line must be careful, for many have ended up with tall men who have way bellow average, and some have struck gold with dwarfs.

4. Thumb Length:

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

"I heard that if the size of his finger is tripled, that would be the exact size of his p3nis"  said one of my very naive friends.

Perhaps if the he in question gets to add both his thumbs and her's, then maybe, just maybe; she could measure correctly the size of his tower of babel.

So next time the guy next door gave you a thumbs up, don't go multiplying it to size him up.

5. Race:

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

Growing up as a teenager, i heard alot about the race to penis theory. Some say black men have it big and Asian have it tiny, but with all i currently know on the subject matter, it's all borne out of ignorance.

The fact is that Blacks or Africans don't necessarily have big p3nises and definitely not every Asians has a small p3nis; don't buy that crappy story about Caucasians being on the average.

The skin tone or color doesn't have anything to do with the size of a man's sexual organ.

6. Wrist to Tip of Middle Finger:

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

This is so wrong an assumption, on the average it is totally outrageous to have such length.

If this were true in any way, then those guys who with ease get to palm basketballs would have all eyes trained on them.

You can imagine a massive p3nis about 11 inches dangling from basket-baler's shorts while he tries to make the basket.

7. Deep Voice:

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

For sometime I was troubled as to women's obsession with guys who have very deep voice, perhaps here is my answer.

It is true that deep voices are sexy and attractive to women, but like all the others it's just another myth.

Those who apply this theory say the deeper the voice the larger the p3nis, if this were for real, then men like Tiny Tim, Zachary Levi won't have penises at all.

8. Sexuality:

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

Of course you have heard the rumour that gay men are more endowed more endowed than straight men, while bisexuals are those guys with the average.

But just like the race theory it is all a lie, perhaps people are basically awed by that which they don't perfectly understand.

so because you've never been with a gay guy before and have not taken time to compare and contrast, you might just want to buy into the folly.

9.Flaccid Length:

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

This is one method that has virtually no rationality to it.

How can one think that if a guy's p3nis is small when flaccid, then it remains small at all times, and if it were big when flaccid, then so it will always be.

the fact is that most men are diminutive when they're not aroused or maybe pressed to take a leak.

But all that changes the moment he sees a hot chic and lust gets the better of him.

In fact contrary to the believe of those who use this method, it has been proven that  those with large flaccid penises tend to grow only briefly when aroused, while those with small flaccid penises ten to grow substantially.

10.Digit Ratio:

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

This method is very critical, because it involves an excercise in which Korean researchers took the measurements of the right index and ring fingers of  about 144 anesthetized men who had flaccid (but stretched out) p3nises before the experiment.

Suggestion from the experiment's result says that men with longer index fingers had shorter stretched p3nises, and the reason for this was that digit ratios are a good indicator of prenatal androgen and testosterone exposure.

It must be noted that this particular study was carried out on only Korean men who based on their ethnicity have digit ratios that vary too greatly with most.

So till we have a perfect prove that the experiment has been carried out on all species of men, then we can agree.

But till then, they are all still mythsSex is a part of our human existence and we cannot continue to shy away from the mysteries that surrounds sexuality.

There is still alot left to be answered as regards sex and our human anatomy, so we must keep an open mind to knew knowledge for ourselves and for the ones we love.

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