Ondo: ‘N15m caught with paymaster properly approved, meant for a project’

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The Chairman, House Committee on Information, Ondo State House of Assembly, Hon. Olusiji Akindiose on Saturday said the N15 million caught with the House paymaster was meant for a project which was properly approved contrary to assertion that the money was stolen by the embattled Speaker, Rt. Hon. Jumoke Akindele.

Akindiose made this known while addressing journalists in Akure.

According to him, there was no iota of truth in the allegation but an attempt by some group to taint the leadership of the House.

He said: "On the allegation of fraud against the leadership of the House, we wish to refute same most vehemently as there is no iota of true to it. It was part of a leaked attemp to taint the leadership of the House as well as to arrest the Honorable Speaker and some other members to pave way for the illegal change of the House Leadership.

"We reiterate that the funds are meant for a project which was properly approved by the approving authority and contrary to their mischievous assertion the finds were to be kept in the appropriate office in the House of Assembly.

"We state emphatically that the Rt. Hon. Jumoke Akindele left for Lagos after the close of work and was away at the time of this adventure and was therefore not in position to coarse anyone to do anything."

Speaking further, Akindiose described the alleged suspension of the Akindele and other principal officers of the House of Assembly as illegal and unconstitutional.

"Finally on the purported suspension of the leadership of the House, we maintain that it is not known to the rules of the House and even if it were to be done, it will not be done by mere ten (10) members out of twenty six (26) members after close of work on Friday.

"We submit that it is mischievous, unwarranted, illegal and can therefore not stand.

"We hereby affirm our confidence in the leadership of the House and wish to place on record that we support them and demand that they continue to discharge the duties of their respective offices," he said.

The House spokesperson also condemned the alleged beating and assault on the paymaster and called on the Police authority to investigate and bring the perpatrators to book.

He said; "To orchestrate such illegality, they blatantly took the recourse to the travesty of the known rules and convention of the House. Expecting it to stand shows clearly that some people are either power drunk or they are incapable of understanding or appreciating the fine ethos of the rules of the House and the rule of law.

"To even attempt to enforce their ill-advised will on the majority of the House in such a callous manner is a pointer to the kind of leadership style they plan to provide.

"In the course of his duty, a law abiding senior public officer was man-handled, tourtred and subjected to a callous dehumanizing treatment. This is unacceptable and we hereby call on the Commissioner of Police to use her good office to investigate this act and bring the perpetrators to book."

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