11 masturbation tips to give yourself earth-shaking orgasms

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If you're a girl who needs her orgasms, then you might want to check out these 11 tips. With them, you can be sure of earth-shaking orgasms anywhere and anytime you want it.

Sex without climax is like a war movie without gunfire, it would be boring.

By Wha'anda definition, orgasm is the reward of sex — a labourer earns his wages as a sex partner should earn an orgasm.

Sadly though, while men may easily get orgasms after brief sex/masturbation, it is a little bit harder for women.

This is made worse by the fact that some men would lose interest once they ejaculate, leaving the woman in sexual-limbo.

Anyway, these 8 moves will help any woman give herself an orgasm.

Here are 8 tips you should consider:

The first thing to do is to make sure that you wash. Your hands and the entire vulva (vagina) region need to be clean to prevent infection. Use water and soap for your hands but only water for the vagina itself.

Assume as sitting position on the bed. It is better if you have pillow behind you so that you can recline. The better relaxed you are, the more pleasurable he experience will be. Sitting in an arm chair would do just fine too.

Spread your legs wide apart. This will expose your vagina for easy access. Rub your palm over the entire vaginal region and rub a couple of time.

Open up the vaginal doorway. After a while, use your index and middle fingers of your right hand to the outer lips (labia majora) of your vagina.

Locate your clitoris and start rubbing it gently and slowly. Get under the hood and keep rubbing for about 2-3 minutes.

Put your middle finger inside the inner lips of the vagina (labia minora). It is the 2nd hole from the top. Penetrate with force for a couple of times and keep your finder deep inside for a while.

After a minute pause introduce your second hand. Use the middle and index finger of your left hand to part the outer lips of the vagina.

With the vagina lips parted, continue plunging the middle finger of your right hand in and out. You can use two fingers to simulate a penis.

Continue until your notice fluid dripping from your fingers. It means you are about getting to the fountain of orgasms. Don't stop no matter how pleasurable.

Increase the pace. It is better if you reach climax on a high so keep up the fingering, 9ncreasin the tempo. At this point, you might add more fingers — 4 to 4 and, depending on how wide you are.

Touch yourself on other body party.At this point, you may touch, squeeze, and pinch your breast/nipples while you continue the fingering with the other hand. Don't stop because you're just seconds away from the greatest feeling — climax.

Wha'anda, when you do climax, it will be earth-shaking.

Note that you can also have a dildo nearly and use it if you want to have the feel of a penis inside you. Some women have found that very useful.

Also remember that you can touch your breasts at the early stages of this routine.



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