4 sex deadly mistakes both men and women make

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Many relationships have hit the rocks because of these deadly mistakes that most lovers make. Read this and stay in love.

Sex is an important part of most relationships.

Where everything is okay, sex is usually there and where it is not okay, you might find sex responsible.

Many couples married and unmarried who are now having a slow pace in their sex life once had it hot and steamy.

Somewhere along the line, one or both of them began to make mistakes that you might also be making now,

Slowly but surely these mistakes erode their love connection and they drift apart.

If you don't want that to happen to you, then you have to read on…

Being afraid to initiate sex with your partner. You must realise that sex is communication. You must be able to communicate with words and action that you are ready to get down and dirty. This is more common with women who want to be a 'good girl' by remaining passive, even when they are on fire down below. Trust me; he/she would appreciate it that you want them always. Everyone wants to be needed, pursued, and craved.

Being afraid to try something new.One of the quickest ways of losing your lover is to refuse to accept new tings sexually. Now, you must understand that you don't have to accept your lovers' every whim. But you must be willing to give in sometimes. The reason is that your partner may find what you don't want to offer in someone else. Sex is better when something new is introduced.

Being too afraid to talk with your partner during sex. Like I said earlier, sex is communication and is it a mistake to let it be a one sided thing. If you are not enjoying something, tell your partner. If you want something, tell your partner. The danger of not speaking is that you will not enjoy the sex and it will rub off on your partner. Say what you like and don't like!

Being selfish and unwilling to give back. Sex is a give and take thing so you must be always ready to give as much as you take. This goes mainly to men who lose interest in sex when they get an orgasm, leaving the woman unfulfilled. If he/she gives your oral sex, give it in return. Just be ready to give and take. This also includes pleasing your partner when you may not be in the mood.

So people, if you have been making these mistakes, try to correct them right away before it goes bust.

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